A six minutes walk from the West Exit of the Yokohama Station.

・Flexible Schedule.
・Hand & Electric Potter's Wheels.
・Oxidized & Reduced Firing.
・Large Variety Of Homemade Glazes

Trial Lessons

Hand Wheel Trial

\3000 per piece (tax included)
Ex.Tea cup, Small bowl, Rice bowl etc 2 or more pieces :\1000 each

SPECIAL COURSE: A Big bowl, a big platter, or a big beer mug etc : \4000

Electric potter's Wheel Trial

1 Day Trial \ 4500 3 pieces
(Ex.Tea cup, small bowl, rice bowl etc)

3 Day Trial \10000 5 pieces
5 Day Trial \15000 8 pieces
10Day Trial \30000 14pieces
Classes include kneading clay, glazing your pieces


Registration \5000

Basic & Intermediate Classes
3 Sessions per month; \9000 (clay, Firing cost, and tax included)


Open Tuesday Through Sunday
(Monday Close)

 Morning  10:00-13:00
 Afternoon 13:00-16:00
 Evening  18:00-21:30

Saturday・Sunday・Public Holidays 10:00-16:00